BMFA scam

Please be aware there a scam going around from the bmfa to ask you to pay for your bmfa, this is a scam!! Do not pay!! A few members have been contacted and have been asked for payment. The real bmfa would never ask for payment, and as a club we would not ask like this. Please please be careful.

If you have any queries please contact the committee or the BMFA directly.


Club meeting tomorrow night. 6th august. At the bull inn, Swyre as per usual.

CMFC Fly in this weekend!!

Don’t forget. It is our main fly in this weekend, 28th to 29th June.

There will be a BBQ and a raffle (Any donations for raffle prizes will be gratefully accepted) and of course plenty of flying!

Come along, have a fly or just come along and support the club.

Ww1 static display

Ww1 models required for the static display on the millennium green in bridport on Sunday. If you can help out please let Tony or Wayne know.

RAF centenary static

Urgent requirement for any RAF models and volunteers for a static display in bridport town centre this saturday. If you have a model but are unable to attend would we be able to borrow the model.

Contact Tony 07595047480

Bovington model show

Bovington model show is going ahead on October 7th.
This is being run by the bmfa but have requested assistance from chesil mfc. They are after a couple of pilots plus assistance putting on a static display and some help with some stands apparently.
Flying will be little electric 3 or 4 cell models. They are sorted for helicopter pilots so will be fixed wing primarily.
If anybody is able to help with this please contact me or Wayne.