Please wait until saturday to allow us to prepare the site.

Read the below information and acknowledge that you have read it by email or text message to myself or Wayne.

Under the current government and BMFA advice model flying has been allowed to resume with certain restrictions in place. The following are the new rules that the committee have agreed upon to allow us to reopen the site:

1.       If you or any of your household are displaying symptoms, stay away from the field and follow the current isolation advice.

2.       Maintain a minimum of 2M social distance from others at all times.

3.       Maintain good hygiene practice – washing hands regularly or using hand sanitiser or suitable gloves when opening & closing gates/shed or using maintenance equipment.

4.       Keep hand sanitiser in your flight box/car (and use it!) – additional PPE may be appropriate if used correctly. The toilet will be open with hand soap provided.

5.       Do not share flying equipment.

6.       Training and buddy boxing is currently suspended due to high risk of cross contamination.

7.       Access to the bus is currently suspended. Unless necessary for site maintenance purposes. Ensure to wash hands before and after entering and using any equipment in the bus.

8.       A maximum of three pilots will be allowed on the flight line at any one time. Pilots boxes will be marked with where to stand to allow for social distancing.

9.       If a helper is required i.e. to carry out an aircraft or hand launch, gloves are to be worn by the helper, and the helper is to return to the pitts area once their assistance is no longer required.

10.   Bays will be marked in the Pitts area and the carpark. Please stay in your bay. If there are no bays available, please leave the site and wait for one to become available.

11.   If you have a bay and the site becomes full, limit your time to a maximum of two hours, to allow others to fly.

12.   Park nose out in the bay with a card or piece of paper with your arrival time written on placed on your dash board or windscreen. This will allow people arriving to know how long it will be before a bay becomes available.

13.   Do not enter the farm yard and stay away from the farm buildings and equipment.

14.   Keep your distance from the land owners and the farm workers.

15.   The landowners are aware of the above rules and will be ensuring that they are being adhered to.

The rules will be assessed regularly and updated as and when the situation changes. These rules have also been agreed with the land owner, and many of them are a precursor to allowing the site to stay open so please abide by them.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience during these difficult times.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the committee.


Chesil MFC

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