Chairman: Antony Sparks

Phone : 07595047480

E-Mail :

Vice Chairman: Wayne Broom

Phone : 07808891833

E-Mail :

Treasurer: Ernie Walker

Ernie is also an ‘A’ class pilot, Ernie is known in the club as a tree hugger. As his favorite hobby apart from flying is climbing trees.

Contact Ernie on 01305 771531

E-Mail :

Secretary: Jenni West-Broom

Tel 07747174682 and Jenni (home) 01297 560668

E-Mail :

Gliding Member: Martyn Johnston

 If you love gliding, then Martyn is your pal. He will drop everything and head to the nearest slope if you contact him!

E-Mail :

Club Safety Officer:


Member: Nick Follet

Tel 01308 425934

Club training Officer: Paul Fishlock

Paul holds one of our club trainers and buddy systems. He doesn’t crash planes very often but luckily when he does, he has his dad there to comfort him!

Contact Paul on 01305 261879 Mobile 07944618450

E-Mail :

Member: Andy Baker

Tel: 07871 092872