Powered Flight

Power Flying with Chesil MFC

At Chesil MFC our main speciality is power flying. ‘Power’ means any kind of aircraft that is powered by some sort of engine. These can be nitro powered 5cc model engines, 60+cc petrol engines or electric motors. In order to fly power planes, some sort of smooth runway or patch to take off from is needed. This is why Chesil MFC operates from a full sized strip for flying, it provides all the space needed to operate both large and small models.


If you are interested in learning to fly power planes, or are just curious and want to see what happens, Chesil MFC would be pleased to have you at our site. (To find the site, please see the location section of the site) We have a number of competent flyers who are often at the site and would be happy to tell you what the hobby is about and what to do if you want to start flying. So come along to our freindly Club and have a look!

Powered Training
What will happen when you first start to fly.

Selecting your first type of plane
Advice on what kind plane to get.

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ Test
A basic explanation of the ‘A’ and ‘B’ tests.