Page to be updated soon with revised Club rules following committee ratification

Chesil MFC’s Rules (inc NEW Covid Rules)

In “Normal” times, Chesil MFC has two main sets of rules – the Safety Rules and the Flying rules. The Safety rules form a more basic set of rules that must be followed, the flying rules cover other aspects of the club. In order to create a safe and relaxed environment for you to fly in, you will need to read these rules, and abide by them at all times. By doing this it ensures there will be less accidents and more fun, safe flying.

However, during the current Covid Virus pandemic, the club has had to introduce a set of  “Additional measures, guidance and rules” to deal with the current situation.  These “Covid Rules” are set out in the document linked here:-

Additional Covid Rules

These are not too onerous but are important for both your safety & the continued use of the site at Pymore, so please read, understand and comply with them – Many thanks.

Safety Rules

1. Ensure your model is restrained before attempting to start the engine.
2. Your frequency control peg is a MUST before you switch on your radio.
3. Place your transmitter behind you so once the engine has started you are moving away from the spinning prop.
4. Ensure all leads i.e. starter, glow clip are away from the prop arc.
5. All adjustments and removal of glow clip should take place from behind the engine.
6. All models will be started in a line facing away from the pits area.
7. Ask pilots already flying if it is ok to proceed to the take off point.
8. Leave your transmitter in the pilot’s area before removing plane.
9. Inform pilots you are ON THE PATCH when removing your plane.

Computer radio and fail-safe

If you are operating a transmitter with built in failsafe ensure you have the facility switched ON. Refer to your operator’s manual or ask for advice. This is a legal requirement for larger models but it is good safe practice for smaller models as well.

First Aid Kits

Every member should carry a basic first aid kit in his or her vehicle; we have been lucky so far with first kits available for use when needed.

Full size

Notice is to be made of full size activity, any full size plane take precedence over model aircraft. If a full size over flies the strip ALL models must immediately land and all models and pilots retire to the pits area by the quickest route. In the case of an emergency landing by a full size dump models away from the landing strip and retrieve at as soon as it is safe to do so.


Flying Rules

These “FLYING RULES” Shall apply to all club members while operating on any official site approved and recognised by the club for club flying.
The Over flying of schools, housing estates etc. is not permitted and flying should be in accordance with the general rules laid down by the BFMA handbook and Club site codes of practice.

Due to the nature of our hobby dogs are to be kept on leads at all times. All dog fouling is to be cleared and removed from the site by the relevant dogs owner and not thrown in the hedge. No dogs are allowed on the patch or in the pits area. Any worrying of farm livestock will result in that particular dog getting a ban.

Flying times and venues for the club flying shall be decided by the GBM but these can be varied by OFFICE BEARERS subject to any constraints by site lease.

Trainee pilots are only permitted to fly solo with the assistance of a competent club member. Because of the proximity of the road only competent fliers may fly solo, preferably ‘A’ Class pilots. Flying over any farm buildings is not permitted.

BMFA insurance is mandatory for all club members.

Club members are required to meet any statuary requirements and BMFA requirements regarding the use of radio for the remote control of models. The use of radio control on 35 and 27 MHz and 2.4ghz is allowed.

The control of the allocation of all frequencies for radio control transmission shall be by means of a diskplaced on the peg board. No members shall switch on radio control transmitters or receivers without the appropriate disk attached and displayed on his correct channel number. Members are also required to indicate the frequency in use by displaying a pennant or disc showing the frequency marked on his transmitter.

Members must not fly in such a manner that is likely to endanger other members or visitors to the site and in particular there should be no low flying close to the pits area.

Pilots involved in ” Dead stick” landings as a result of an engine cut shall have priority for landing over all other radio controlled airborne models. “Dead Stick” is to be called clearly by the pilot.

Pilots will start their models facing away from the pits and in the designated area.

Faulty models must land immediately.

Members shall be responsible for any visitors they bring to the club sites.

Flying times are from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm .

Any behaviour by a club member, which is prejudicial to the continued use of the club’s facilities, will be considered by the GBM and may result in the expulsion of the offender from the club.

Due to the unknown possibility of Mobile phones interfering with Radio Control planes it has been decided not to permit them to be switched on when models are in operation.

In the event of an accident to a club member, whether self inflicted or otherwise, the safety officer MUST be informed within 24hrs and an accident claim form obtained from the BMFA and returned promptly. This is to protect the club from litigation.

In the event of an accident involving a member of public, full details including a brief summary of the accident, names, addresses and telephone numbers of the injured party/parties must be recorded and passed to the safety officer who will inform the BMFA at the earliest opportunity. ON NO ACCOUNT ADMIT LIABILITY IN ANY MANNER.

Any accident of a serious nature that involves any of the emergency services must be declared to the club officers. Flying to be temporarily suspended immediately and an emergency meeting held by the committee after which flying may re-commence upon their approval, with any new safety rules that may have been implemented.

On no account may a member of the club speak to the press whether “Off the record” or not, about any accident. If asked say “No Comment”. The committee will decide if any information shall be given to the press and if so will appoint a spokesperson.

It is proposed that the club will allow members joining the club after the 31st August to pay a reduced rate for club membership, expiring on the 31st December. We do not want this offer abused by having “summer members” flying at discounted subscription rates. It is understood that the BMFA do a reduced rate for this period.

Operation is restricted to the following types of models:-

Aircraft powered by two stroke, four stroke, petrol, diesel engines only and under the guidance of radio control. turbines are restricted to our summer fly in only due to the high pitched penetrating noise.

Gas turbines with strict attention to fire hazards. Pilots must carry their own fire fighting equipment or flights will not be allowed, a fire marshal will be appointed if a gas turbine model is on the site.

Gliders and electric powered aircraft under the guidance of radio control.

Autogyro’s under the guidance of radio control.